5 Steps to Be a Good Neighbor

Our Community Husky campaign is here to guide you through off-campus scenarios to ensure you live safely, responsibly, and respectfully in our local communities. View the 5 good-neighbor actions below to get started!

Step 1: Say hello!

Being a respectful neighbor starts with an introduction. Say hello and exchange contact information. This is helpful if you go away on break, need help with a package delivery, or are hoping to work together on an apartment concern.

Be mindful of noise. Regardless of the time of day, loud or unruly conduct is a violation of your lease and city noise ordinance. Remember that not all neighbors share your schedule. You may live near a family, young professionals, and seniors. Be respectful and keep the noise down.

Reporting concerns: For those that live in Mission Hill, you can call the Mission Hill Property Properties hostline at 617-373-3680 to report distrubrances or concerns that may be negatively impacting you or your neighbors. If you reside in another neighborhood, dial 911 or the non-emergency police line to report excessive noise or safety concerns.

Step 2: Be informed

Know your renter’s rights and responsibilities. Landlords must have their rental units registered and inspected regularly.  Know Boston safety requirements and check if your apartment meets the State Sanitary Code (view MA State Sanitary Code). 

Step 3: Follow trash and recycling guidelines.e

Take out the trash! Check the pick up schedule for your street or download the Trash App to set up reminders.  Avoid trash fines for “illegal trash disposal” by putting trash out at the correct time and following the local trash guidelines for the City of Boston or your current location.   

Go Green Recycle required items! Check pick-up schedules and appropriate ways to recycle here. Remember that mattresses and textiles must be recycled in Massachusetts. 

Step 4: Practice Off-Campus Safety Tips
  • Be Fire-Safe Make sure that there is always a working battery in your smoke alarm. Extinguish candles when you go to bed or leave.  Make sure guests put ashes in ashtrays; not the floor, yard, or potting soil.  If you have a gas stove, regularly clean the burners. Click here, for more information. 
  • Stay off the Roof Check your lease for roof-top regulations.  If you’re up there illegally, you face serious fines from your landlord and/or Boston Police, as well as potential injury! 
Step 5: Get Involved!

Get Involved Explore your neighborhoodHelp with a local cleanup like Mission Hill or Fenway Breakfast Club! Attend your neighborhood committee meetings. 

Northeastern University Police created a video series with tips for living off campus and being #SMARTneigbors! Check out the first video on trash etiquette below. 

NOTE: Northeastern’s Code of Student Conduct applies off-campus as well as on-campus.


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