Whether you are moving in or moving out, there are many challenges you may experience during the process.

Important things to consider when moving:

1) Time of year – September 1st is the busiest time of year for both move in and move out as most Boston leases start on September 1st. As you can imagine having tenants need to both move out of their former apartments and into new apartments within the same day can pose some congestion issues. We strongly advise utilizing times before and after September 1st, if possible, for a more convenient moving situation. Hiring movers or renting storage spaces can also be of help to ease the moving process.

2) Parking – Boston parking is very limited, making moving periods especially difficult. Students should strongly consider if they need a vehicle in Boston before purchasing a parking spot. Harsh winter conditions also limit residential parking spots throughout the year. Many students use public transportation options as Northeastern does offer student discounts.

3) Being a good neighbor – It’s always good to establish good relationship to other tenants in your area. Simply communicating with neighbors will help to foster a more cohesive living environment for all and may ease issues such as double parking, trash overflow, or reports of suspicious behavior. In addition, make such to know who your landlord or property manager is and how to communicate with them to report issues.


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