Creating a Network Around the World

Network Housing and Relocation offers programs and events that foster connections and build Northeastern communities in cities around the world. Whether you are going out-of-state or to an international location, Network Housing and Relocation wants to help you stay connected!

Beyond Boston Co-op Communities on Yammer

Yammer communities designated to students who have accepted or are currently on a co-op outside of Massachusetts! We use these communities to post workshops, events, and resources specifically for Beyond Boston co-ops. Post and respond to posts to connect with others heading to the same location as you for co-op!

Regional Co-op/Alumni Mentor Program

Northeastern alumni mentors help co-op students navigate their careers and professional development, while co-op students get the opportunity to gain valuable expertise and knowledge from alumni who are leaders in their fields. The program is currently operating in Northern California, New York City, Washington D.C., and Portland, Maine, however its scope continues to grow!

Become a Network Connector!

Volunteer as a Network Connector and plan events and programs in your specific co-op city! Network Housing and Relocation will provide funding and support to help you plan successful events and build a Northeastern community in your area.

Beyond Boston Instagrammers

If taking pictures and posting on social media is your way of sharing your travel experiences, our Beyond Boston Instagrammer position is for you! Successfully submit one photo and blurb per week, and earn a $50 bookstore gift card!

Instagrammer Program Guidelines



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