The rental process involves many different pieces of paperwork. Applications are used even before the rental process begins. Individuals are not legal tenants until a lease is signed. After a lease is signed, roommates contracts and apartment conditions statements should be completed. Click below to learn more about each aspect of paperwork involved in the rental process.

Do not complete the application or pay an application fee or any other deposits until you have seen and agree to the lease, all addenda, and applications clauses. All fees must be disclosed in the lease or addendum, hidden fees are illegal!


An application is the initial piece of paperwork that needs to be completed to see if a renter will consider you for a tenant. It often comes with an application fee that is most commonly used for background checks. Financial information including co-signer requirements are often discussed during the application phase. Completing an application and paying the application fee DOES NOT grant you tenancy!

If you have questions about how financial aid and scholarship funds can be used for off-campus expenses, please contact Student Financial Services using this inquiry form.

Learn more about co-signing requirements and third party companies:

Leases & Addendums

Leases and addenda are the legal contracts that outline the terms of tenancy. A signed lease is the only thing that confirms your tenancy. Anything that is signed must be upheld by both parties. Common clauses to consider are subletting, pets, parking, and guests. Become a Lease Genius by visiting our page dedicated to leases.

Roommate Agreement

We highly suggest using a roommate agreement if you are living with others. Both logistical aspects (such as utilities) and social implications (such as guests) should be discussed. Refer to our Roommates page for more information.

Apartment Condition Form

The Apartment Condition Checklist is an in-depth list of looking at an apartment. This list should be completed and a copy should also be sent to your landlord/property manager within 15 days of you move in. Pictures and videos should also be used to supplement areas that are in poor condition to ensure that you are not charged for damages when you move out.


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