Community Ambassadors

Community Ambassadors are Northeastern students who live off-campus in the local neighborhoods near campus! They work for Off Campus Housing and Support Services and help you with tenant issues and will review your lease as a part of the Lease Genius program. CAs are involved in their neighborhoods and can help you connect to your community. CAs can answer any questions you may have about off-campus living. They also run programs about tenants’ rights and responsibilities, how to get started planning your move off campus, and making a positive contribution to your neighborhood. Community Ambassadors are your resource, so email or book an appointment with a CA!

CA Team Bios for 2022-2023 are coming soon!!


2021-2022 CA Team Profiles

Caitlyn Ark
Class of 2023
Concentration: Biology
Favorite thing about Boston: Exploring! I love checking out new art exhibits at the MFA, ICA, Gardner, or listening to new music at the Sinclair, PRC, House of Blues and finding new restaurants all over the Boston neighborhoods.

Leah Frey
Class of 2023
Concentration: Marketing: Business Analytics
Favorite thing about Boston: I like to find new things to do (usually new food)!

Andra Lehotay
Class of 2023
Concentration: Law 
Favorite thing about Boston: In-person classes and attending more events in Boston as the city opens up after the pandemic closures.

Hannah Rosman
Class of 2023
Concentration: Media and Screen Studies
Favorite thing about Boston: Visiting our amazing parks and museums!

Angelina Snegach
Class of 2022
Concentration: International Affairs
Favorite thing about Boston: Finding the best spot to grab coffee or watch a sunset!

Emma Somers
Class of 2022
Concentration: Economics
Favorite thing about Boston: Looking at all the cool birds!

Viraj Talim
Class of 2023
Concentration: Biology
Favorite thing about Boston: Walking the waterfront with friends.








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    151 Speare Hall
    Northeastern University
    360 Huntington Ave.
    Boston, MA 02115
    (617) 373-8480

    Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm, or schedule a virtual evening appointment.


    Mallory Pernaa. Director, Off Campus Housing Support and Engagement

    Sonya Cottam, Director of Network Housing

    Corrine Condon, Assistant Director of Programming and Education


    Community Ambassadors