Utility costs vary greatly depending on usage, how many roommates you have, and if any utilities are included in your rent. Prior to moving in, the following utilities should be contacted, billing information switched to you, and start date confirmed. Ask your landlord or property manager which companies currently manage your utilities.


Example of an electric bill:

Select your provider by selecting one of the logos below.


Example of a gas bill:

Cable TV & Internet

Compare rates by zip code using BroadbandExpert.com or allconnect.com.

Example of a cable TV and/or internet bill:

Read: Guide to Understanding Your Comcast [Xfinity] Bill.

Cable TV/Internet Combo
TV Only
Internet Only

High Speed Internet Service Provider- Click the Starry Logo above to check availability in your building and receive one month free with promo code NEUHOUSING!

What sort of things are effecting YOUR internet speed?

Gateway Internet offers a comprehensive analysis of the factors that go into speeding up or slowing down your internet.


Students may select a mobile phone package to fit their phone and data needs. International packages may be purchased for calls outside the U.S./Canada.

U.S. service providers include:

Consider Bundling your Utility Bills with Billbuds

To simplify your utility bills, consider bundling with Billbuds. A startup founded by Northeastern alumni, BillBuds bundles your electricity, gas and internet into one monthly bill. Features include a utility quote estimate tool for your address, one apartment account with dashboard monitoring capabilities,  one invoice compiled for all utilities, and the capability to easily split the bill between roommates! Also, option for fixed budget billing to spread bill evenly over 12 months.

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