Living Expenses

There are many other costs to consider besides rent. Is it important to read your lease carefully to see which utilities are included. Make sure to also communication with current tenants to see if furniture is being left behind. Click below to learn more about other costs in the rental process.


Utility costs vary greatly depending on usage, how many roommates you have, and if any utilities are included in your rent. Prior to moving in, the following utilities should be contacted, billing information switched to you, and start date confirmed. Remember to cancel your utilities if you are moving out as well! Ask your landlord or property manager which companies currently manage your utilities.

Make sure to check your lease so you know exactly what is included and what you need to pay for individually.

Compare Internet rates:,, or

Check average utility costs and bundle your bills with Billbuds.


Many students also cannot move their furniture with them and often donate or sell at low prices. You will want to establish communication with current tenants to ask if they are keeping furniture. You can also browse social media sites to see if their are any listings.

Renting furniture is a great option if you live far away or do not want to commit to purchasing, moving, and storing furniture.

You may also want to check out these:

Use caution when buying upholstered furniture and mattresses. This is not recommended due to the possibility of bed bugs.

Use caution when buying and selling online to avoid scams. 


Transportation is important to consider when living off campus. Detailed information about parking & transportation can be found here.

Renter's Insurance

Renter’s insurance covers you and your possessions as a tenant in case of unforeseen circumstances. The amount of coverage changes from plan to plan. It is recommended and sometimes required to have renter’s insurance. Landlord and parental insurance policies may not cover tenants. Check with an agent to see what policy works best for you. Normal coverage may include fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, explosion, vehicles, sudden or accidental damage from smoke, water damage from plumbing, and theft. Floods, normal wear and tear, earthquakes, and waterbed damages may not be covered.

Affordable Colleges Online Resource Guide offers a great in-depth analysis of the benefits and advantages of renters insurance.

Some more information about renter’s insurance can be found here:

  • College Student Insurance: Has provided Northeastern students with insurance protection designed exclusively for college life. For more information, call 888.411.4911 or visit the link provided.
  • Renter’s insurance resources, considerations, and policy comparison tools.
  • Consumer Affairs: Learn about different types of renter’s insurance and compare insurance companies.
  • State Farm Insurance: State Farm renters’ insurance is for anyone who rents a home, be it a house or an apartment.
  • Progressive Insurance: Protect your apartment or rental house — and your possessions — with renters’ insurance from Progressive Home Advantage.
  • Offers great information about renters’ insurance. Check out these links for more information.

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Most rental units in Boston use one of the following. Click below to learn more:

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