Watch our quick Subletting video to get started!

Looking for a Sub-lessee (person who sublets from the original tenant)

To sublet is to rent your apartment to someone during your own lease term. If you choose to sublease your apartment, you remain on the original lease and continue to be responsible for all lease provisions. You are still responsible for the actions of the sub-lessee, so make sure everyone signs a sublease agreement. Know that the sublease agreement does not replace the original lease.

Know: Some leases prohibit subletting. Check with your landlord first about their requirements or procedures, and get your landlord’s permission in writing before subletting!

How to Sublet Your Apartment:

  1. View our Steps to Subletting infographic for students that have a room to rent (Sub-lessor).
  2. View our two minute subletting video to ensure subletting success.
  3. Check the lease to determine whether subletting is allowed and under what conditions (landlords written permission, sublet fee, etc.)
  4. You will still be responsible for any rent and damages while the sub-lessee lives there.
  5. You are not entitled to your security deposit until the lease expires.
  6. Post your sublet on the Housing Database as listing. In addition, create a roommate profile stating your room will be available soon. Roommate profiles are visible by students at nearby colleges, in addition to Northeastern students.
  7. Search roommate profiles to see listings from other University students nearby that are in need of housing. Message students directly that you think would be a good fit.

How to Find a Room to Sublet:

  1. Read the Steps to Subletting infographic for students that need a room (Sub-lessee).
  2. Watch our two minute sublet video for best practices.
  3. Use the Housing Database to find a sublet. Under the Housing tab, you can filter using the ‘Sublet’ option.
  4. Create a roommate profile too. Search roommate profiles to see listings from other Universities nearby.
  5. Make sure your sub-lessor (student currently living in the apartment) has the landlord’s permission in writing to sublet their place.
  6. Create a sublet agreement contract between yourself and the sub-lessor. This should include move in and move out info, what furniture is included, what utilities must be paid and how, etc.
  7. Determine if you will pay the sub-lessor or the landlord directly. It’s best to pay the landlord directly.

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