Safety & Security

Being safe off campus includes traveling safely, keeping your apartment secure, and following fire safety guidelines. Follow us on social or view #SAFEhusky for more tips on being safe while living off campus.

Northeastern has a safety app, SafeZone! Download it and easily notify NUPD if you have an emergency, need first aid, or just need help. The app can be used both on and off campus. Off campus emergency calls will be directed to 911. Check to see if you live within the SafeZone area in the video below.

Personal Safety

  • Download the Northeastern SafeZone app to contact emergency services easily on and off campus.
  • Take the RED EYE Van home (must live within 2 miles) from Snell Library at night or request an NUPD escort on campus.
  • Practice ride share safety when using Uber, Lyft or other for-hire car/taxi services.
  • Know your neighbors.
  • If you decide to walk alone, especially at night, use well-lighted, familiar streets. Never take poorly lighted shortcuts through alleyways or wooded areas where someone may be hiding.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Plan your route and walk with confidence. Avoid wearing earbuds or talking on the phone.
  • Fire escapes are to be used for emergency exit use only.
  • If your apartment and/or building does not allow you access to a rooftop or deck, please respect this limitation. It is in place because those areas are not deemed safe for occupancy.

Apartment Security

Apartment Security Tips:

  • Check the door locks to make sure they are functioning properly.
  • Make sure your door has a deadbolt lock and a peephole.
  • Become familiar with how your door locks operate, and remember to keep your door locked at all times.
  • Whenever you leave your apartment, lock your door and take your keys.
  • If you have a sliding glass door, place a wooden rod in the door so it can’t be opened from the outside.
  • Immediately report all suspicious activity, strangers loitering in or near the building or behavior by other residents or tenants that you feel presents a safety or security risk.
  • Make sure that you know who has the master keys — that is who has access to your building apartments.
  • The mailboxes should be locked.
  • Know who handles your maintenance (snow, trash, burned-out lights). Hazardous situations should be handled immediately.

Fire Safety

Make sure your apartment is fire safe. Do you have working smoke alarms and two ways out? Take these 3 steps towards safety today:

  1. Watch the #BestRoommatesEvah video here. Review fire safety tips and share with your friends and roommates.
  2. Check your apartment using the Off Campus Housing Fire Safety Checklist.
  3. Follow @campusfirewatch for a Fire Safety Tip each day!

Fire Safety Resources:

NUPD Bike and Electronic Device Registration:

NUPD offers students, staff and faculty, a FREE bicycle and electonic device registration. The bike/device model, serial number and details are recorded then transferred into an online database that is managed by NUPD. A weatherproof registration sticker is also installed on the bike/device. These recorded details are essential in the recovery of stolen bicycles and the property registration acts as a deterrent to potential theft.


Additional Police Resources and Contact Info:

Northeastern University Police Department – Find phone numbers, services and additional safety tips. Dial 617-373-3333 for on campus emergencies (617-373-2121 for information).

Boston Police Department – View police blog, safety tips and contact information. Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies.

Transit Police – Policies, laws, and contact information. Dial 617-222-1212.


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