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Looking for an apartment? Wondering what neighborhood to live in? Looking for a roommate? Living off campus can be a daunting experience. Off Campus Engagement and Support is here to help! We can help you answer these questions and navigate the off campus living experience. A good place to start is to think about the 4 P’s of the apartment search process: Price, Paperwork, People, and Protection.


It is important to know your budget when starting the apartment search process. Besides monthly rental costs, there are many other costs to consider as well. Some costs may be a one-time cost such as initial fees and furniture, whereas others may be continual costs like groceries, utilities, and transportation. You should consider all of these costs when budgeting to live off campus.


Paperwork for renting an off campus apartment may not be as simple as just signing one document. Although a Lease always needs to be signed, there may be other paperwork that is also needed including, but not limited to, applications, addendums, and other miscellaneous agreements. Always read the fine print on all documents that you are signing. Remember, once you sign a document, it is legally binding so make sure you know what you are signing.

Use our Lease Genius and review your lease! Submit an inquiry if you have questions! 


Our Housing Database is the best place to start whether you are trying to find a roommate, realtor, or landlord. All of these people play an integral role in the off campus experience. It is important that you know who you are working with as they will be involved throughout the process. Students also connect with each other through our Yammer page, which is a student to student forum. Establishing good communication with all related people will make your transaction off campus easier!


Protect yourself throughout the entire apartment search process. Conduct research to identify possible rental scams when you are browsing and to ensure that the property that you are renting is up to code. Pictures also help to protect your security deposit by verifying damages that already existed when you move in. When moving in, it is important to take pictures and also to complete an Apartment Condition Checklist to have visual documentation of where you are living in case you need to dispute a security deposit deduction.

Watch our quick Apartment Search video for tips & tricks!


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