Information Provided by the German Consulate

The Consulate General of Germany has provided the following links to organizations that specialize in housing for students:

The Consulate General of Germany provides the following official website link to help students with housing:

  • Office of Equal Treatment of EU Workers – Housing FAQs – The Equal Treatment Office supports EU citizens by providing information and explanation of rights for workers in Germany.  They encourage information-sharing and serve as a point of contact for all stakeholders who work to allow the freedom of movement of workers in Germany.

General Information on Life in Germany

Renting in Germany:


  • Visiting and traveling to Germany
  • Remember to use Northeastern’s in-house resources for researching a country’s culture, lifestyle, and social norms: GoinGlobal and GlobeSmart.
    • GoinGlobal is an online resource that Northeastern students have access to for free with their Northeastern credentials.  GoinGlobal delivers useful and unique material that is hand-gathered at its source, not simply compiled from publicly available Internet sources.  It provides information that is location-specific in detail and global in perspective, and delivers useful, actionable information that is constantly expanding to meet the evolving needs of a global job seeker.  GoinGlobal also provides industry-specific salary ranges and cost of living data to help students prepare for living and working abroad.
    • GlobeSmart is an online resource that Northeastern students have access to for free with their Northeastern credentials.  GlobeSmart has Culture Guides that allow students to research the country they plan to visit extensively beforehand.  This includes everything from communication styles, protocols, relationship building, workplace norms, health and safety, money and tipping, geography and climate, and more.

Information on Housing in Germany by City


Local University Off-Campus Housing Resources

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Technical University of Munich

City & Government Resources



Local University Off-Campus Housing Resources

Freie Universität Berlin

Humboldt University of Berlin

City & Government Resources



Local University Off-Campus Housing Resources

Leibniz Universität Hannover

City & Government Resources


For more information and helpful tips, please read the Global Relocation Guide

Disclaimer: Off Campus Housing and Support Services provides information to Northeastern University students, faculty and staff members solely as a courtesy. Northeastern does not endorse any of the housing options listed. Northeastern University accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of housing listings with the office. Contact with persons listed herein must be conducted independently and at your own risk.  The university does not screen, recommend, vouch for, or take responsibility for the condition or safety of housing arrangements made by students. 


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