Domestic Relocation Guide

I’m relocating for co-op or an academic program within the Unites States and I’m interested in housing other than Northeastern’s leased housing. What are my options?

Northeastern University, with a focus on creating globally-minded students and expanding opportunities for lifelong learning and discovery, provides a range of different experiences and programs in every corner of the globe.  Whether it’s a co-op in in New England, or a Semester-In/co-op on the west coast, Off Campus Housing and Support Services is here to help in the process of finding housing!

While some co-ops employers provide housing, there are many employers that do not provide housing for students working at their organization. As such, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate with their co-op employer to confirm if accommodations are provided or not.  If accommodations are not provided, it is the responsibility of the student to find, secure, and pay for housing themselves. While this may be an overwhelming and intimidating experience, Off Campus Housing and Support Services can provide guidance along the way with the following support:

  • Relocation and housing search advice
  • U.S. housing resources and housing safety guidelines
  • Connections to your Northeastern community in that area

Explore the buttons below to learn more about what to consider in the housing search, read about what Northeastern resources are available to students as they relocate, and join our Yammer Community to connect with students relocating for co-op or other academic programs.

Disclaimer: Off Campus Housing and Support Services provides information to Northeastern University students, faculty and staff members solely as a courtesy. Northeastern does not endorse any of the housing options listed. Northeastern University accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of housing listings with the office. Contact with persons listed herein must be conducted independently and at your own risk.  The university does not screen, recommend, vouch for, or take responsibility for the condition or safety of housing arrangements made by students.


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