We highly recommend using the following checklists and guides throughout your off campus search. They are a good concise summary of all the information that is available on our website. Be sure to refer to specific topics on our website if you encounter issues when completing these lists.

The Apartment Hunting Checklist and Housing Code Checklist should be used to when first researching apartments. It summarizes information in our Apartment Search menu. It takes a quick look at five categories that are integral in the apartment search process:

  • Money Matters – Make sure that the apartment is within budget and you can cover all upfront costs as well.
  • Location – Make sure that the apartment is in a neighborhood that you like with accessibility to stores that you need.
  • Management – Make sure that you have contact information for the landlord/property manager and have sufficiently researched you apartment.
  • Property – Make sure that the apartment is up to code and has everything that tenants are entitled to.
  • Lease – Make sure to review your lease properly using our Lease Genius page. Ask for revisions as necessary.

The Roommate Selection Checklist should be used when you are searching for roommates. All roommates to discuss topics on this checklist to prevent issues that may occur while living together. Choosing the right roommates is as important as choosing the right apartment. We also recommend using an in-depth Roommate Agreement after finding your initial roommate(s).

  • Tenancy – Knowing the tenancy terms is important and should also be outlined in the Lease.
  • Finances – Your roommate(s) should have similar budgeting ranges as you. Common costs such as utilities should be discussed before moving in.
  • Lifestyle – Common roommate disputes occur around lifestyle choices. Make sure that you set conditions of living with all roommates before moving in.
  • Communication – Agree upon how to communication with each other and how disputes will be handled.

The Apartment Condition Checklist is an in-depth list of looking at an apartment. This list should be completed and a copy should also be sent to your landlord/property manager once you move in. Pictures should also be used to supplement areas that are in poor condition to ensure that you are not charged for damages when you move out. Not all apartments will have certain sections, such as garage, so those should be marked as N/A.

  • Outdoor/Exterior
  • Living/Dining Room
  • Bedroom(s)
  • Bathroom(s)
  • Kitchen(s)



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