Becoming a Network Connector

Do you love planning events and staying connected to your fellow students?

If so, becoming a Network Connector might be the right opportunity for you!

What is the Network Connector program?

Network Connectors are student volunteers who are participating in an out-of-region co-op or other NU program and act as liaisons between students on co-op in their city and Northeastern University.  This program seeks to strengthen the relationship between co-op students and the University, as well as to improve the student life component of the co-op experience.

What would my role as a Network Connector entail?

Network Connectors work with Northeastern staff and community members to develop and enhance events and programming for co-op students.

Potential Responsibilities may include:

  • Staying connected to other students on co-op in order to determine event preferences and to bring student focus to area events
  • Attending alumni chapter meetings and be the voice for the co-op students in your area
  • Working with Network Housing & Relocation to promote Welcome events for your co-op area
  • Promoting area athletic events
  • Organizing a community service event for co-op students, both independently or with alumni
  • Scoping out potential event locations and or/activities
  • Checking in with students periodically to see how their co-op experience is going

Apply to be a Network Connector in your city! 


Northeastern University

Off Campus Engagement and Support (Boston)

151 Speare Hall

(617) 373-8480


Yammer Community

Network Housing and Relocation

(617) 373-7071

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

or schedule a virtual appointment.