Responsible Hosting

We all like to get together with friends, but if the police are called, you face citations from Boston Police (BPD), Northeastern Code of Student Conduct violations, and possible arrest.

Follow these tips to host a fun, and smart, gathering:

  1. Give your neighbors a heads up and provide them with your contact information.
  2. Keep your music and noise down.  Noise travels, especially at night, and is the #1 reason the cops are called.  Citations for “disturbing the peace” start at $50, and you face possible arrest.
  3. Don’t leave the property with a drink in your hand.  You can get fined $200 and/or arrested for drinking in public.
  4. Know your guests.  Courts routinely hold hosts legally responsible if a guest leaves your gathering drunk and causes death or injury.
  5. Provide non-alcoholic drinks and food and know the age of your guests.  If  you furnish alcohol to anyone underage, you could be placed on probation, be fined up to $2,000, and be summoned to court.
  6. Keep the gathering to a reasonable size to avoid disturbing the peace.  Citations for hosting an “unlicensed after hours party” can cost you $300.
  7. If the police knock, cooperate and show them respect.  Slamming the door or turning off the lights are not solutions.

NOTE: Northeastern’s Code of Student Conduct applies off-campus as well as on-campus.


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