Moving In

September 1st is a very exciting and busy day in Boston, as most leases begin on this date. Moving vans and delivery trucks clog the streets as thousands of people move into apartments. We’re here to help you prepare! Not moving in September? You may still follow the steps below to ensure a smooth move.

Plan Ahead

  1. Request to move in early. Landlords and management companies may let you move in early if the apartment is available.
  2. Consider moving in a few days later to allow crowds to clear. Classes usually don’t start right on September 1st, giving you some flexibility.
  3. Reserve a moving truck, van or rental car well in advance.
  4. Forward your mail if applicable. Change your address with the post office and notify the electric, and cable company, etc. that you are moving.
  5. Avoid moving things you don’t need. It’s time consuming and physically demanding. Donate items in good condition.

Moving Day

  1. Follow special instructions for September 1 Move-In Day provided by Off Campus Engagement and Support (posted here and sent via email to our newsletter subscribers in late August).
  2. Download the Boston Trash and Recycling App to avoid fines.
  3. Do not move into an unsafe or unsanitary apartment. Contact your landlord immediately or call the City of Boston by dialing 3-1-1. You may also report issues via BOS:311 app or tweet @BOS311 for assistance.


Inspect and Unpack

  1. Within 15 days of moving in, complete the Apartment Condition Checklist and send a copy to your landlord or property manager. Take pictures too!
  2. Review your Tenant Rights & Responsibilities to learn your rights as a Boston renter!

Settle In

  1. Purchase or rent furniture.  Schedule deliveries for after September 1st whenever possible.
  2. Make sure your utilities are set-up, and make a plan for paying your October rent. Try this out: Rentdrop offers a rent payment mobile app that makes it easy for renters to split the rent with roommates & build their credit with each rent payment. It also handles rent check mailing for renters who need to pay that way.
  3. Create a roommate agreement with your new roomies so everyone can live happily and respectfully together!
  4. Check your apartment for safety and security.
  5. Download the Northeastern Red Eye app to use the Northeastern NUPD Red Eye van.
  6. Meet a Community Ambassador, learn more about your new neighborhood, or sign up for Breakfast Club.
  7. Meet your neighbors and be a good neighbor!

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