Roommate Responsibilities

Moving into an off-campus apartment can be an exciting time! It is important to keep in mind that while gaining more independence can be a very positive experience, with this added independence comes added stressors, responsibilities, and challenges. There are quick and easy ways to make sure that these relationships stay friendly, even if tensions rise.

  1. Choosing your Roommate: Look at your own habits and preferences to find someone who is compatible. Use our roommate worksheet! Consider schedules, social habits, and especially, cleaning expectations.  Remember: A lease is a legally binding document! By signing it, you commit to living with that person or persons for the duration of the term.
  2. Moving In: Create a roommate agreement once you are settled into your apartment. Login to with your myNortheastern credentials to complete the Off Campus Apartment Roommate Agreement under My forms. This may not seem important, however, this agreement will serve as a guide should conflict arise, especially between friends.
  3. Roommate Conflicts: The best way to deal with growing tension is to be honest about how you are feeling and keep communication open. It’s possible that your roommate is unaware that their behavior is bothering you, and vice versa. Most issues can be resolved with open, respectful communication that is face to face.
  4. Asking for Help: When conflicts seem unsolvable, there are next steps you can take. Northeastern’s Office of Conduct and Conflict Resolution can help roommates by providing an impartial mediator. Off Campus Housing and Support Services can also provide advice for steps to improve your living situation. You can email us at Tip: Seek help before the situation escalates.

Remember, if you ever feel unsafe or feel that your roommate’s behavior is concerning, contact Boston Police (9-1-1) or Northeastern University Police Department (617-373-3333) for additional assistance.